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Cheats Geometric Pixel Dash

Geometric Pixel Dash

Cheats Geometric Pixel Dash
Jump Jump.Prepare for a near impossible challenge of Pixel Dash game. Cross designed levels.Rhythm-based Levels.Fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles.
Walk through the clutter of geometry, challenge your limits!Simple one touch game play that will keep you entertained for hours!Play Impossible Dash, Dash and Jump,enjoy it as much as you can!
Game Features
• Rhythm-based Levels!
• Varied your characters,no need unlock!
• Clean and colorful graphics
• Phone and Tablet support
• Challenge yourself with the near impossible!

Download Link : Link

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Shall we date?: Magic Sword unlimted resources

Shall we date?: Magic Sword

Shall we date?: Magic Sword unlimted resources
Introducing a new story “Shall we date?: Magic Sword” Ladies! Are you ready to set out on an adventurous journey with brave and handsome knights?

1.Story introduction

This story is all about, you were assigned to look after the Excalibur sword, the sword has been around for decades, passed down from generations to generations until it was the legendary King Arthur with his mysterious behavior. You vow to get it back. Now you (player) also a fighter and three brave knights set out on a journey to get the sword back. It's a journey full of thrilling adventure, battles, humorous and not to forget romances. Experience the stunning beautiful story and the handsome knights like never before. Find out how this journey changes you.


Ethan: Ethan is one of the three men traveling with us in search of the sword. A born leader that keep us all together. He is kind, and strongly guided by his own conscience, has a keen feeling of what is right and wrong.One thing he wouldn't let me fight along with him. That's because...

Ray: Ray is one of the three men travelling with us.He is a very gifted magician, come and go as he likes, without telling.Cool and collected. He can be quite selfish sometimes. He teases me when he is in good mood. While at times, he has this serious face on, and I find him mysterious.

Estel: Estel is one of the three men travelling with us to get the sword back.
Known for his gracious fighting style and stunning look. This man who treasures nature like his life.When we are first introduced he looks familiar to me, like we even met before. Why does he kept staring at me? Was it a sign of...or just a misunderstanding?


1)A new fantasy story based on the legendary King Arthur

2)Multiple endings are there for each character, and the ending can be changed depending on what you choose to act or react in the episodes.

3)Many fine illustrations of Japanese comic, anime, or manga arts!

4.FOLLOW US (Don’t forget to LIKE us if you enjoy our game!)


Thank you very much for your interests and downloads of our games!
NTT Solmare is a game company especially focusing to bring Japanese visual novels and Otome games to the world! Magic Sword is one of our game series, “Shall we date?”. We sincerely hope enjoying our games and give us feedback!

Download Link : Link

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Download Violett Apk Download


Download Violett Apk Download
One of the biggest and greatest adventure game in the Shop. Embark yourself on the wondrous journey throughout the amazing world inside the rabbit hole.

Set in a world full of wonders, quirks and things from beyond our reality, Violett is a remarkable adventure game that will push your brain to the limits and engross you completely.

Dragged by her parents, a young and rebellious teenage girl – Violett, moves to an old spooky house in the middle of nowhere. Forced away from her friends and life in the city; she imagines how boring life in countryside will be: spending day after day, bored in her room with absolutely nothing to do. But what she cannot imagine, is that in just few moments, she'll have the adventure of her life.

A spark of light from the nearby mouse hole catches her attention, she reaches inside and in a blink of an eye she's in a completely different place. So familiar, yet so distant. So magnificent, and yet dangerous. A place where frogs singing operas are daily occurrence, garden gnomes are emissaries from another dimension and power of telekinesis is not freaking anyone out. Now only your wit and luck can help her unite with her parents.

Rack your brain on intricate puzzles that will allow you to move forward. Use the power of telekinesis to get you out of your troubles. Fight the evil spider queen that wants to make you her new trophy. Use your touch to roam the beautiful and psychedelic world, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Dali and other great works. Immerse yourself in the soothing sound track

- Fantastic 2,5D point-and-click adventure game
- Unique world inside the 'rabbit-hole'
- Immersive mode support
- Multitude of puzzles and riddles
- A spooky atmosphere of mystery and uneasiness
- Evil Spider Queen who's trying to prevent you from ever coming back
- Paranormal forces to manipulate objects
- Beautiful hand-painted graphics full of quirkiness and style
- Full parallel reality inspired by Alice in the Wonderland and other great works

Download Link : Link

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Download Zombie Dash Apk Download

Zombie Dash

Download Zombie Dash Apk Download
Welcome to Zombie City. Where it all began.

When your town is overrun by the walking dead, there's only one thing left to do - cut down wave after wave of zombies in this endless shooting adventure! Hear the sweet season screams of the zombies as you strafe them with submachine gun fire or explode them with special weapon pickups.

Zombie Dash combines the timeless appeal of classic arcade games with stunning graphics you have to see to believe.

How to Play:
- Touch bottom left to Jump
- Touch bottom right to Shoot
- Run as far as possible

Game Features:
- Visually stunning updated graphics, character and weapons
- Gameplay optimized for touch screen devices
- Countless hours of gameplay with 4 different adventure world
- Two Modes: Classic mode & Boss mode

Notes: The permissions required in this game is only used for online leader board. Thanks.

Download Link : Link

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Hack DeathRun 2 Go - Ragdoll Fun 3D game

DeathRun 2 Go - Ragdoll Fun 3D

Hack DeathRun 2 Go - Ragdoll Fun 3D game
Pickup several characters and join right into the Death Run. You are randomly selected to be a runner or a killer. If you are a runner you need to reach a specific place in the map to win the game while the killers try to do everything to stop you from doing so using several traps.

Play with up to 16 players in multiplayer and enjoy nice and smooth ragdoll animations. This game is very addictive!

Please note that this game has just been released and is still in development. More traps, more characters and crowbar fights coming soon.

Download Link : Link

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Download The Mission Sniper Apk Download

The Mission Sniper

Download The Mission Sniper Apk Download
AIM and SHOOT! Get yourself a weapon and kill them all. The Mission Sniper is the latest evolution to sniper games.

It’s a tough job and don’t take it lightly. Shooting on the wing was originally thought impossible or perhaps more to the point. Only you, the most elite Mission Sniper shooter in the squad, can pull off the high-skill head-shots. Put an end to enemies and their villainous terrorist games, and liberate the world from the most ruthless killers in the world.

Ultra REALISTIC graphics which has exquisite game screen, simple operation, full of passion, let you can't stop shooting games. Explore various locations like the mountains, hangar sheds, helicopter and other blood curdling locations to complete your sniping missions. Quickly pick up the weapon in your hands, make your blood boil up; do not let the terrible criminals out of your sight. The Mission Sniper game feature multiple snipers, best protective amours that defends you from the attackers and health kits that helps you to increase your life when your being wounded.

Equip yourself with most modern latest sniper 3D weapons and play in three different sniper 3D regions and 60 most addictive sniper 3D levels that challenge you at every step. Get all your guns and weapons ready with bullets loaded for this extreme hunting! You have got enough artillery to attack them. This is the best chance to test your sniper shooting skills. Here you will become one of the world's top sniper, you need a cool head anomaly analysis and fast, aggressive, accurate shooting practices. Get out on the Battlefield and obliterate the gangsters, as they have come to your land to enslave it!

One of the most intense free games in the first person shooter genre. You will be an avid shooter of your entire life!

The Mission Sniper Key Features:-

* Free to play!
* Most glancing sniper 3D actions and graphics: Live 3D shootings and realistic
detailed environments come to alive!
* Rich weapon system: There are many different types of weapons, such as the M14 EBR, Sniper MSR, AW 50, * * * Sniper SVD, DRAGUNOV and so on!
* Different themes of game play with breathless time chasing levels!
* Collect cash and billions to keep a steady supply of ammo.
* The Mission Sniper utilizes advanced amours like SDEU 12, USMC MOD 2,
UTG 76and health kits to hold this aggressive battle!
* Kill terrorist commandos with a single silenced shot and become a formidable sniper!
* Easy to pick up and play, tough to master with multiple scenarios and targets!
* Smooth controls with challenging fights against the uncongenial killers!
* UNLOCK new achievements to challenge your friends on leader board!
* Intense game-play with great visuals and sounds!

How To Play:-

-Tap your phone/tablet on right side to shoot and to zoom in & out.
-Tap on left side to navigate the area.

Please rate and give your feedback for further improvements in the game.

Find us on:
Facebook -
YouTube -
If you have any problem in installation, please report to us at We will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Download Link : Link

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Cheats Dr. Panda Mailman

Dr. Panda Mailman

Cheats Dr. Panda Mailman
Take hold of the handlebars and get ready to ride in Dr. Panda Mailman! Explore a world filled with mountains, houses, rivers, forests and more as you deliver mail to over 10 animals—all with their own unique personalities! Create your own postcards, make sure the packages are wrapped up, and bring them wherever they need to go!

Dr. Panda Mailman is an app designed for kids where they can drive a scooter in a large, varied environments and role-play as a mailman. There are no rules or end-points in the game, and it encourages imagination and story making. Dr. Panda Mailman has easy-to-use and kid-tested controls that makes it both intuitive and fun to ride around, do tricks, and explore!

Key Features:

- 4 big areas to discover—Mountain, Village, Forest and Fields
- Over 10 animals, all with unique behaviors, habits and schedules!
- Tons of interactive events- push boxes into a roaring river, make ducks fly away as you drive towards them, do tricks over ramps and more!
- Paint your own postcards and make your own packages!
- No rules, points or timers! Explore however you’d like, go off the beaten path and explore!
- A huge world with no load times!
- No in-app purchases
- No third party ads

Privacy Policy

As a designer of kids’ games, we understand how important privacy is in this modern, digital world. You can read our privacy policy here:

About Dr. Panda

Dr. Panda is a developer of games for kids. We develop games with educational values that help kids learn about the world. All of our games are safe and do not contain inappropriate content, in-app purchases or any third-party advertising.

If you’d like to know more about us and how we design games for kids visit our website If you have any questions feel free to send us an email at or contact us on Facebook ( or Twitter ( or Instagram

Download Link : Link

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